How many of you are sick of the fandom? Not of Kamenashi Kazuya, himself, but of his fans? Since when does every fan have to have the exact. same. opinion? Lately it appears that the state of the Kamenashi Kazuya online fandom has gotten out of hand. Extremely out of hand. I’ve never seen such disrespecting people in all my life. People who think they have the right to slam other fans for enjoying the fandom in other ways than they themselves enjoy. THAT is disrespectful.

The fandom, at a time when we should all be gathering together and supporting Kamenashi Kazuya, instead is a chaotic mess that is no longer a fun place—at all. I’ve heard the comments from both sides and I’ve seen people actually afraid to engage with other Kamenashi fans, simply because they are afraid of them (and afraid they’ll be bashed for having a different opinion of Kamenashi). How is this acceptable? When did it become alright for people to believe that they know Kamenashi better? And don’t give me that shit excuse, ‘that’s what all fans do.' It's not. It's only what some fans do.

Please read the following as an example:


I find this conversation fascinatingly disgusting, as well as the perfect example of what’s wrong with Kamenashi’s online fandom. Up above, the fan, pitari, had a different explanation as to why Kamenashi Kazuya hid behind a pen name than seelenlicht or kame-no-kame. She shouldn’t have stated her sentence as fact, but neither should the other two. I can’t deny that the fans up above have a right to their own opinion. It’s their opinions. Not my opinion, maybe not the person reading this, but their opinions.

I find seelenlicht’s line, “You should be able to distinguish between fan world and real world. Between him as a ‘person’ and the image you have in your head,” quite ironic, when really, this is the fan world. No one knows who Kamenashi Kazuya is, even he himself has stated that he isn’t sure who Kamenashi Kazuya is; so how can a group of his fans decide that they know him better than another group? They can’t. You too, seelenlicth, have built your own version of Kamenashi Kazuya in your head; perhaps it’s time to practice more of what you preach?

As for the second paragraph in this conversation, given to us by a fan named kame-no-kame, this is got to be the most insane thing about this entire example of what’s wrong with Kamenashi Kazuya’s online fandom. The hypocrisy. Kame-no-kame, you say it’s disrespectful and moronic to do what seelenlicht described above? Have you taken a look at yourself? You run a blog dedicated to Kamenashi Kazuya’s penis. It’s just for fun, yeah? What about the blog dedicated to sexual fantasies concerning Kamenashi Kazuya? It’s also fun, yeah? That’s cool. That’s one way to enjoy your fandom, but don’t you think that what you are doing is just as disrespectful and moronic? You should, but from what I can tell, you are quite the hypocrite. You call out the Akame ship, but why that one? Why not call out all Kamenashi-ships? KoKame would be a very good example, considering there are many fans who would love to argue that particular ship is real. Yet, you seem to only target the Akame crowd. I wonder why? Also, you should consider that your sexual fantasies blog is exactly that: people ‘shipping’ themselves (and others) with Kamenashi. That is NO DIFFERENT than someone writing about Kamenashi with Akanshi Jin. It’s all fantasy, including your own blog. I’m sure you want to argue about those who think the ‘ships’ are real, yeah? Who cares? If you don’t believe in that ship, why would you care what others, who do believe, are talking about? I’m sure whatever it is they wrote wasn’t uploaded for you, but for other fans that actually enjoy that aspect of the fandom. Wait. I’m sorry, you hate it because you know Kamenashi Kazuya better than those fans, right? You wrote, and I quote, “I get the impression he just really doesn’t give a shit about idiots any more. He knows he can talk himself blue in the face and shippers will still not care about him, not even listen to him.” Those are some mighty words you’ve got there. Lets look at the first four words, “I get the impression…” Huh. Is it just me, or are you actually stating that this is YOUR OPINION? This isn’t something that Kamenashi Kazuya himself told you, but something that you’ve deducted from the same sources everyone else has: magazines, tv interviews, rumors, etc. You don’t know what Kamenashi is thinking, so don’t even attempt to put words in his mouth, which is exactly what you were doing with your piece.Kame-no-kame, you use the words, “he knows” in regards to Kamenashi too many times. You don’t know what Kamenashi knows, especially when it concerns his feelings towards his fans. What YOU know, is the Kamenashi Kazuya you’ve built up in your head. You, too, have a fan made version of Kamenashi. Of course, I’ll throw the words you used on pitari back to you, “I mean, unless he’s actually explained his motivation to you personally, in which case, apologies.

The point of this rant, isn’t to criticize three people (though they made excellent examples), but to show that no one knows who Kamenashi Kazuya is and people can view him however they damn well please. If there are fans out there who want to ship Kamenashi with a pink bidet, go for it. You most likely will sound crazy to everyone else, but that’s your choice. I’m not going to call you out for shipping Kame with a pink bidet. Nor should anyone else. Because, from what I can tell, that’s what is wrong with the entirety of Kamenashi Kazuya’s online fandom: people won’t respect other peoples’ ships or versions of Kamenashi Kazuya. It shouldn’t matter if people ship or not. It shouldn’t matter what version of Kamenashi you have in your head. What DOES MATTER, is how fans treat each other. This whole exchange up above is exactly what is wrong with the current fandom and I’m sick of it.

Hopefully, people will start judging themselves before they judge others, or else this fandom is going to crumble and quickly. No one wants to be in a place they can’t enjoy, despite how much they love the subject.

I love you for writing this. I’ve been so frustrated with the fandom in the past few months, I’ve been drifting away because it was getting hard to enjoy anything at all… 

If you’d like, message me, please :) I’d love to talk with you!

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